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Home Suite12 Bunkilla Plaza Bracetown Business Park Clonee Dublin 15 Home Phone: +353 1 806 8600

For decades the Whelehan Group has been a leader in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical, health and beauty, agricultural and garden care products. We are one of the largest value-added sales and marketing organisations in Ireland. We now operate from new suite of administrative offices at Bracetown Business Park, off the N3 Motorway, near Clonee.

The Whelehan Group comprises of five divisions: Health and Beauty, Surgical, Gardening, Crop Protection and Animal Health. The Group’s business activities are highly diversified.

The Whelehan Group is an added-value marketing, sales and distribution organisation. It is involved in a diverse range of businesses. The Whelehan Group’s interests include over the counter pharmaceuticals, toiletries, cosmetics, surgical products, agricultural, garden and horticultural chemicals along with animal health pharmaceuticals. The Group markets, merchandises, promotes, advertises and distributes its product lines throughout the island of Ireland.

The Group has approximately. 3,500 accounts spread across wholesale and retail outlets including hospitals, pharmaceutical wholesalers, retail pharmacists, veterinary wholesalers, veterinary surgeons, agricultural co-ops, agricultural merchants, cash and carry outlets, grocery multiples, department stores and garden centres. With no over reliance on any particular category or individual customer, the company is not exposed to any high risk partnerships.Across our business sectors, we market products that are brand leaders in their respective categories.

The Whelehan Group attributes its success to a portfolio of strong quality brands supported by proven sales, marketing and distribution strategies together with a highly committed staff.

The Whelehan Group, a unique approach……