About Us

The Irish Medical and Surgical Trade Association (IMSTA) was established in 1982 to represent the Medical Technology supply industry in Ireland.

Medical Technology encompasses technologies (application of science and technology) that are improving the quality of healthcare delivered and patient outcomes through earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options and reductions in hospital stays and rehabilitation times.

The goals of IMSTA  are:

  • To improve patient outcomes by promoting better access to optimal medical technologies
  • To promote the value of the medical device supply industry
  • To foster an appropriate regulatory environment
  • To promote a competitive marketplace

IMSTA member companies produce and market medical devices, diagnostic products and health information systems that are transforming healthcare through earlier disease detection, less invasive procedures and more effective treatments.

Manufacturers and their distributors play an important role in the supply chain of these products from production to their use in healthcare delivery organisations.

Medical technology suppliers produce and source the latest technology based on current market research, train their professional staff on appropriate usage, provide competency training for healthcare professionals, assist clinicians in the use of the new technology and provide round the clock technical and clinical support for the devices they place on the market.

As the Regulatory environment in the Medical Device Supply Industry continues to evolve, IMSTA members recognise that compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and adherence to ethical standards are not only an obligation, but critical to the long-term reputation and success of the medical technology industry. IMSTA actively engages with the Regulators and contributes pro-actively to the emerging regulations.

The Irish Medical & Surgical Trade Association works to ensure that all stakeholders appreciate and fully understand the value and contribution made by the medical device supply industry. The Medical Technology supply industry is not just about logistics and product movement; it is not just about supply; it is about providing solutions that support healthcare delivery in a very real way.

IMSTA is committed to working with all the key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to maximize the safety and quality of care delivered to all service users in Ireland. The Irish Medical & Surgical Trade Association is a company limited by guarantee and is a not-for-profit organization. Member companies vary in size from small indigenous companies to subsidiaries of large multinational corporations and the requirements of these industry companies are very diverse. The workings of IMSTA are governed by its Constitution which has been in place since the Association’s inception. The Council comprises of eight volunteer members, recruited from amongst the member companies. Council representatives are elected annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. The officers of the Association consist of the Chairman, the vice-Chairman, the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer each of whom are elected by the Council. In April 2008, IMSTA established the new role of permanent Executive Director to enhance the service offering to the members and to further the work of the Association.