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Brookfield Health Sciences Complex Contact: Patrick Henn Home Room 2.103, ASSERT Centre Brookfield Health Sciences Complex University College Cork Cork

The ASSERT Centre at UCC is a state-of-the-art simulation centre, where education, training, research, and innovation are closely interlinked. ASSERT’s aim is to enable better, safer healthcare that improves patient care and outcomes through the combined processes of Education and Training, Research and Innovation. ASSERT applies the science of simulation to enhance and consolidate health professionals’ skills training, in the technical and non-technical domains.

ASSERT enables partnerships between clinicians, industry and academics across a wide-ranging variety of healthcare research. These partnerships design, develop, deploy and trial innovative and disruptive healthcare solutions, both in a simulated and real-world healthcare settings. ASSERT has partnered with Vodafone as Vodafone’s first 5G “Internet of Medical Things” (IoMT) hub.

ASSERT can work effectively with MedTech through 4 STAGES OF EVALUATION of IoMT: Functionality: Does the technology work as intended? Usability: Can the technology product be used effectively by the intended users? Efficacy: Does the technology product demonstrate the intended effect in an ideal or controlled setting? Effectiveness: Does the technology product demonstrate the intended effect in a non-controlled setting? ASSERT can also support the 6 stages of digital health interventions: Pre-prototype, Prototype, Pilot, Demonstration, Scale up, Integrated and sustained programme.