IMSTA Annual Conference 2017 – VALUE-BASED HEALTHCARE STRATEGIES Driving Better Outcomes

IMSTA are delighted to announce details of our Annual Conference on 22nd March 2017.   Titled VALUE-BASED HEALTHCARE STRATEGIES Driving Better outcomes, the Conference this year will again attract a large audience and get significant media attention.

This is a must see event, it will cover the VALUE of the medtech industry to the healthcare system, the economy, healthcare innovation, the new hospital groups and patient and clinical outcomes.  Procurement reform and planning capital equipment replacement will also be out front and centre

Medical technology companies create life changing innovations which allow people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives.    These advancements also yield savings across the health care system by replacing more expensive procedures, reducing hospital stays and allowing people to return to work and Home more quickly.

                       “In the US between 1980 and 2010, advanced medical technology helped reduce the duration of hospital stays by 58%” Advamed 2016.

The advanced medical technology industry is fuelled by small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing high quality jobs and economic growth in communities both large and small.   In order to understand the value and benefits of medical technology and ensure continued leadership of this industry, we must have the right public policies to support investment, innovation and patient access.

IMSTA’s Annual Conference 2017 will be highlighting the ‘VALUE of medtech’ in achieving quality patient outcomes.     Defining ‘value’ in health care is currently trending world-wide, not only from an industry perspective – pharma, medtech and ICT – healthcare providers, clinical communities and academia are all endeavouring to articulate what ‘value’ means to them and how to apply or implement “value-based health care”.

 “Achieving high value for patients must become the overarching goal of health care delivery, with value defined as the health outcomes achieved per dollar spent”, i.e. outcomes divided by the cost of achieving those outcomes. (Porter)

We have an excellent line-up of Speakers, including Bill Maher, CEO of the Bons Secours,   Frank Sullivan, Adjunct Professor in Medicine and Director of Prostate Cancer Institute, NUIG  etc – see Agenda.

The Annual Conference will take place this year in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Northbrook in Santry, Dublin from 8.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.   Booking is essential and registration will be available shortly on our website