IMSTA Annual Conference Speaker Presentations Available HERE

Following our very successful Annual Conference 2018, the following presentations are now available:  

Measuring outcomes in Ireland – Prof. Charles Normand, Trinity College

Slaintecare and Value-Based Health Care – Dr. Thomas Kelley ICHOM

HTA as a driver: HIQA’s Health Technology Assessment of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Strokeusing  – Dr. Máirín Ryan, Director HTA and Deputy CEO HIQA

Appllying Value Based Health Care to MedTech  – Yves Verboven, Director Market Access & Economic Policies, Medtech Europe

CASE STUDIES- How value-based health care strategies are delivering better outcomes 
2 Examples from MedTech Europe’s Value-Based Procurement pilot studies
(a) HCB MEAT TAVI Pilot – Ameer Ally Edwards UKI
(b) UniHA – Hypothermia – Kevin Bellenger

Value Based Health care in Wales – Alan Brace, Director of Finance, Health & Social Care, Welsh Government

Assessing the Value of Medical Devices in the HSE – Dr. Anne Dee, Health Technology Assessment Group Lead and Specialist in Public Health Medicine, Department of Public Health

Collaborative approach to Procurement – John Swords, Head of Procurement, Health Business Services, HSE.

ICHOM Challenge – Dr. Kemi Okunade