SAP Ariba Update

We have been in regular contact with Stephen Mulvany, HSE’s CFO since HSE informed suppliers in April of their intention to implement SAP Ariba with a go-live date of mid-May.  No consultation took place with our industry and IMSTA was not informed of their intentions.  The timing was, to say the least, ill-considered and the timelines impossible, demanding a huge amount of work from suppliers over 2/3 working days over Easter weekend, just as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold.  HSE’s idea of consulting the industry was a one-hour presentation telling suppliers what was expected of them.

We consulted our membership base and noted widespread concern on the matter.  IMSTA wrote formally to the HSE in early June seeking to have a formal engagement on the matter.  See copies of correspondence below:

Letter to SM re SAP Ariba June2020
SAP Ariba letter to HSE CFO 200622
CFO ref 00126 Letter to IMSTA re implementation of SAP Ariba 10th June 2020 correct

We have pulled together a focus group representative of IMSTA members for an online engagement with HSE which is scheduled to happen on 2nd July.